Best of Expo West 2012, Part 2: Favorite New Products

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Last week I told you about my favorite new companies from Expo West (see post). This week I’m bringing you my favorite new products from some  of our ol’ time favorite companies. From snacks to steel cups to soap, these are the products I was pretty stoked about.

Klean Kanteen‘s new steel pint cups. Klean Kanteen has a new pint cup that I think is just awesome, especially if you get the silicone ring to go with it. Just attach a carabeener and then clip it on and take it everywhere with you. If everyone that ends up at house parties had their own pint cup that attaches to their belt loop/purse/?, then we could stop using those plastic party cups for good. Of course it’s not just great for beer lovers. It’s great for kids, it’s great as a travel cup, basically, it’s for everyone. Cliff Bar and Klean Kanteen partnered together for Expo’s Ziggy Marley concert and gave every beer drinker their own steel pint. It was quite the sight seeing everyone with a reusable steel pint cup!

Klean Kanteen's new pint cup. Add the silicone ring and a clip and it's ready for adventure.


So Delicious no sugar added coconut milk ice creams, now with 2 new flavors!  So Delicious is a well known house hold name for bringing us the best tasting non-dairy milks, creamers, ice creams and yogurts.  In 2011 they debuted their no sugar added coconut milk ice creams in vanilla, chocolate and mint chip.  And now they have added two new flavors: butter pecan and toasted almond chip. These treats are so delicious there is no need for sugar added ice creams!  The texture is a bit icy when they are really frozen hard, but let them soften and they turn into the creamy ice cream you were wanting.  It’s called So Delicious for a reason.  At Expo they were out of the butter pecan and toasted almond chip every time I went by the booth.  It was so popular everyone was eating it up!  But I have had the original flavors and can definitely say it’s called So Delicious for a reason.


The So Delicious no sugar added family of ice creams. Wish my family was as sweet


Vega’s new Vega Sport line of products. Vega has long been one of the best sports nutrition companies with everything from protein powders to energy bars. Now they have the Vega Sport Performance System.  It consists of a family of products that help you  prepare, sustain and then recover from your workout. My fiance Todd and I have used almost all the products at this point and can honestly say these are now the best tasting and best performing products out there. Todd loves the Pre-Workout Energizer and the Performance Protein. I was thrilled to discover their Endurance Gel – it’s date sweetened and perfect for a Tough Mudder or trail runs. To be honest, Todd and I never really liked the taste of Vega’s powders. But Vega stepped it up and reformulated everything and now it is beyond awesome. Vega is sold at Whole Foods, on-line at Vitacost and more.

Vega's new Vega Sport line. Gluten-free, soy free, no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. 100% awesome.


Hail Merry raw vegan miracle tart – now in coconut cream! Okay, so normally I don’t allow any sugar in my diet unless it is fruit. But at Expo I had to make the exception for Hail Merry’s Miracle Tarts. These are seriously the best deserts around and there isn’t much to feel guilty about. Last year they debuted their chocolate and almond butter tart  – and won a best new product award from VegNews magazine. This year, they had a coconut vanilla creme tart that made me want to do back flips. If you haven’t tried the Miracle Tart yet, get thee to your local health food store. Tarts are typically 3.99 (on the website they sell for more b/c they have to be overnighted and kept cold). Choose from chocolate, chocolate mint, chocolate almond butter, meyer lemon, persian lime and now coconut vanilla creme. I’ve yet to see the coconut ones in the store but I’m sure they will appear soon.

The meyer lemon tart is my favorite. Todd loves the chocolate almond butter. Look for the new coconut vanilla creme tart.

Alaffia‘s new Liquid African Black Soap. Alaffia is by far one of my absolute favorite skin care lines. Unfortunately they’ve found their way onto many a blacklist for using palm oil. Palm oil from Indonesia is responsible for incredible amounts deforestation and for the decline of the orangutan as their natural habitat is cleared for palm oil farms. I’m all for boycotting palm oil from Southeast Asia…BUT Alaffia’s palm oil comes from West Africa. No orangutans, no deforestation. In fact, everything Alaffia does is a model of sustainability. Okay, now back to their new product. Their new liquid African Black Soap is an all purpose soap – think Dr. Bronners but thicker. It’s non-drying, it’s great for sensitive skin, it’s truly natural and fair trade. All Alaffia products support West African communities and the environment. In addition to creating a women’s cooperative of fair trade products, and supporting reforestation programs, Alaffia provides roofs, chairs and materials for rural Togo schools and they have donated over 3,000 bicycles to children in Togo so they can get to school. Alaffia is simply an amazing company with some of the best products around.

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