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Where the Heck did the Green Girl Go?

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been away for a while. I’ve been busy working over at Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine (check out my regular article “The Eco-Friendly Athlete”!) and doing crazy stuff like climbing Kilimanjaro to raise awareness about the critically endangered rhino. I apologize for the extended break but stay […]

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Best of Expo West 2012, Part 2: Favorite New Products

Last week I told you about my favorite new companies from Expo West (see post). This week I’m bringing you my favorite new products from some  of our ol’ time favorite companies. From snacks to steel cups to soap, these are the products I was pretty stoked about. Klean Kanteen‘s new steel pint cups. Klean […]

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Eco-friendly Handbags to Fall in Love With

The other day I was killing time with friends at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas.  We wandered into the gift shop to see what sort of cheezy Vegas memorabilia we could giggle at.  Among the Vegas rhinestone T’s, and Elvis mugs I was shocked to find some eco-friendly products.  Laser cut wood earring, a […]

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Green Girl in Las Vegas Part 1: Sustainable grocery shopping

I have been living in Las Vegas for about 10 days now. It’s amazing how different everything can be just a 4 hour drive from Santa Monica. But I’m learning to navigate this city & to find my green living options. Whether you are new to a city or have lived there your whole life, […]

The Green Girl Next Door is Moving

Well, its official… I’m moving.  Check out where I’m moving and what I’ve been up to so my move is as eco-friendly as possible.  

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Green your Halloween

Halloween is just 3 weeks away which means there is plenty of time to hit the thrift shops and re-sale stores to find your perfect costume.  Most people don’t think about their Halloween costume until a few days before the 31st, leaving them to scrounge around the costume shops for an overpriced but very cheaply […]

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Diet and Sustainability

For anyone that missed WorldFest this year, Rachel Avalon, Whitney Lauritsen and myself participated in a panel discussion on diet and sustainability.  The question: does being vegan automatically mean you are eating sustainably? The answer?  Not necessarily.  Watch the discussion highlights to learn more: . Like most panel discussions or talks I give, there just […]

Free yourself from the plastic bag habit!

A few friends and I recently made this little video showcasing our favorite tips to kick the plastic bag habit at the grocery store.  Do you have any tips that we left out?