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To Soy or Not to Soy? That is Today’s Question.

Today’s post is in response to a question posted on my Facebook page: Green girl, I have been asked by meat eaters where I get my protein with soy getting such a bad rap. Can you shed some light on what soy products are supposed to be harmful? Soy is absolutely a healthy food…sometimes.  Let […]

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The Best Eco-Friendly & Vegan Shoes for Guys & Gals (that you’ve never heard of)

I don’t even remember how I came across the website for NOAH’s Italian made vegan shoes but I’m glad I did. I really thought I knew every vegan & eco shoe line out there but somehow the 3 year old NOAH line remained elusive. Not anymore. NOAH has shoes for both men and women but […]

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How to Bake Vegan

Vegan baking is so easy you will wonder why anyone ever bothered with salmonella tainted eggs. And I promise that most baked goods taste the same when made vegan. Now, I’m not going to say that desserts made vegan will necessarily be healthy but I will say that they will be much healthier. After all […]

Tips for Eating Veg: Buddy up and get cooking!

Find a veg curious buddy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, doing the veg thing all by yourself, without a support system is very difficult.  Some people just won’t understand why you are changing your diet and others will immediately go on the defensive even though you didn’t say a single syllable […]

Tips for Eating Veg: Open Your Mind

Okay, the first step to eating plant based (aka: vegan) food is to get your mind in the right place. This is what I call the mental starter kit. Some of this might seem obvious, but this tends to be where people have their weak spots. 1. Don’t expect a veggie version of anything to […]

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Why Vegan on a Green Blog?

Recently I’ve had quite a few people express their veg-curious desires or even their commitment to go 100% vegan overnight. Of course, I LOVE IT! The animals love it, the environment loves it and your health loves it too. I decided to create a section called VEGAN 101 as an online guide for those interested […]