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Finding Baobab Fruit in Tanzania

If you spend any time in health food stores you might have started to see Baobab Powder among the shelves of super foods. Boabab is jam packed with Vitamin C, iron, alkalizing minerals and more antioxidants than acai berries or goji berries. Vitamin C aids in iron absorption so this one fruit, containing both iron […]


Ready to Talk Eco Toothbrushes?

Talking toothbrush may not seem so important, but its the little eco things we do that all add up.  And it turns out toothbrushes aren’t so insignificant. According to a 1999 report from the White House task force on recycling, toothbrushes represent more than 100 million pounds of plastic waste each year! So when eco […]

The Green Girl Next Door is Moving

Well, its official… I’m moving.  Check out where I’m moving and what I’ve been up to so my move is as eco-friendly as possible.  

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Video tip: Say goodbye to paper towels!

It has been a month since I last did a video.  I apologize!  Todd has been working so much lately that I can’t bug him to make my videos.  So, I used my little digital camera and learned how to edit.  It is a bit rough but I’ll get better over time.  And now that […]


Video Tip #2: Unplug!

Today’s video eco-tip is to unplug your electronics when they aren’t in use.  From your cell phone charger to your DVD player, these items consume energy even when they aren’t turned on.  Some estimate that phantom energy accounts for up to 75 percent of your electronic energy costs! You can save money and help the […]

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Are your soaps and detergents toxic?

Soaps and detergents are meant for cleaning but have you ever thought to consider the product you are washing your hands/clothes/dishes/etc with?  Many cleaning products are made with petrochemicals (oil!) and other chemicals that include those registered as toxins and hazardous waste.  If your dish soap is blue, green, pink or any color, its probably […]

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Diet and Sustainability

For anyone that missed WorldFest this year, Rachel Avalon, Whitney Lauritsen and myself participated in a panel discussion on diet and sustainability.  The question: does being vegan automatically mean you are eating sustainably? The answer?  Not necessarily.  Watch the discussion highlights to learn more: . Like most panel discussions or talks I give, there just […]

Free yourself from the plastic bag habit!

A few friends and I recently made this little video showcasing our favorite tips to kick the plastic bag habit at the grocery store.  Do you have any tips that we left out?