Finding Baobab Fruit in Tanzania


If you spend any time in health food stores you might have started to see Baobab Powder among the shelves of super foods. Boabab is jam packed with Vitamin C, iron, alkalizing minerals and more antioxidants than acai berries or goji berries. Vitamin C aids in iron absorption so this one fruit, containing both iron and vitamin C, definitely qualifies as a super food.

Sacks of baobab fruit at market in Tanzania

I fell in love with the Baobab tree back in 2002 when I first visited Tanzania. The tree is known as the Tree of Life in Africa but is most often an ominous looking tree without any leaves. There are many stories about how this tree came to be so ugly. Most of the stories end with the Gods ripping the tree out of the ground and putting it back in upside down to end its vanity.

The baobab tree is without leaves 9 months of the year.

And in reality, it does look like the tree is just a giant gnarled mess of roots on top of its massive trunk. But the Baobab trees are truly amazing. They store water inside their enormous trucks to ensure survival during the harshest droughts. When you consider the emergency water supply they provide and their super fruit powers, it really is the Tree of Life.

Magnificent Baobab Trees.

When I returned to Tanzania in November of last year to climb Kilimanjaro and raise awareness about the rhinos, I was delighted to see beautiful, lush baobab trees dotting the harsh African landscape. And I was even more excited when a little boy sold me a baobab fruit on the side of the road. I finally got to see where this health food store powder came from. Check out the little video I took so you can see it too. (My apologizes for the slightly blurry video. I was learning my new camera.)

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