Simple Invention Converts Plastic to Oil

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The man in this video and his invention are truly amazing. Watching this video gives me so much hope… yet at the same time it leaves me feeling very depressed and defeated. Watch and then let me explain.

Of course the implications of this amazing invention is what gives me so much hope. This could change everything! Like he said, not only can we convert plastic back into oil but we begin to see plastic not as trash but as a valuable resource. I can only imagine that if these machines became our gas stations, the heart wrenching amount of plastic I see littering my local beach (and just about every location on this planet) would begin to disappear.

But then the pessimistic side begins to move in. This machine exists. This man has traveled the world with it. Yet I have not heard of it until now and chances are you haven’t either. The YouTube video of this invention was posted 2 years ago and has just broken 800,000 views. I am only left to believe that governments around the world do not want it. Here in the United States the most powerful politicians are heavily supported by or connected to the oil industry. Of course it’s not just the United States. Dollar wise, the oil industry as a whole is the world’s largest industry. Big money is powerful and it doesn’t go down without a fight.

So what to do with this video and this information? I think the most important thing we can do to see positive change is to educate ourselves. No matter how large corporations or industries get, the people will always be more powerful when we come together. What would happen if we all watched this video and made this invention the topic of conversations and the news headlines? Would we then see this invention become part of our lives?

I dream of the day when our beaches aren't littered with plastic. Photo: Ben Kay, Santa Monica Pier

What do you think? Am I being too pessimistic? Do you think this invention can change the world?
I know many of us are thinking that we would rather see clean, renewable energy supported than the continuation of oil production because we can now convert petroleum products back to usable oil. But wouldn’t it be amazing to clean up the mess we made!
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