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Green Girl in Las Vegas Part 1: Sustainable grocery shopping

I have been living in Las Vegas for about 10 days now. It’s amazing how different everything can be just a 4 hour drive from Santa Monica. But I’m learning to navigate this city & to find my green living options. Whether you are new to a city or have lived there your whole life, […]

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Welcome to Plastic Ocean. Would you like fecal bacteria with that?

Two weeks ago I posted an article, A Cry for Help, about a local surfer who collects trash while out surfing.  The images he had of the amount of trash being picked up in the dry season (aka: clean season) were deeply saddening.  Last week, shortly after posting that article, on October 5th we got […]

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Local or Organic?

I can’t tell you how often I am asked the question of local vs. organic?  Or, if I am talking about organics, I hear the statement, “I don’t do organic, I do local.” I’m always surprised when I hear this.  Why should we have to choose between the two?  Well, after some recent traveling I’ve […]

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CSA: Part II Are CSAs really cheaper?

Last week’s post, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Part I, covered the basics of CSAs.  What they are, how they work, and how to find one that works for you. I was already a fan of CSAs and have been a member for a few years now.  I’m always telling my friends about how great they […]

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Part I

I have been a fan of Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) for a while.  A CSA is a way for people to receive local, seasonal and organic produce directly from the farmers.  You might join a particular farm’s CSA or you might join a group that supports a few farms.  Either way, you become a member […]