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Caesar feature

The Best Damn Vegan Caesar Salad Ever

Can you tell I love this salad? Seriously though, Todd and I eat this salad every week. The dressing is sublime and the salad has everything to make it a complete meal. It’s one of the few salads that can easily be a stand alone meal for Todd, even when he is training a few […]


Escarole & Peach Salad

I made this salad one day after getting escarole and peaches in my CSA California produce box. I thought I was a genius for creating this salad! I decided to Google escarole salads to see what was out there. Turns out adding peaches is a pretty popular way to eat escarole. One part bitter plus […]

Summer Love: Strawberry and Beed Salad

Summer Love Salad

This week in my CSA California produce box I was seeing red.  I have a lush head of red leaf lettuce, some of the sweetest strawberries I’ve ever had and definitely the biggest beets I’ve ever seen.  All this gorgeous local organic red-hued produce had me filled with summer love… and a craving for an […]

Arugula & corn salad

Corn and Arugula Salad

This salad is inspired by a corn and arugula salad at the Whole Foods counter.  It is super simple but so delicious.  I actually never liked arugula until I made this salad.   Fresh or frozen corn One bunch of arugula or baby arugula, rinsed. 1 raw beet, shredded (optional) ¼ red onion sliced 1 […]